Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

Body, neck, and head yet it cannot sound human. This rock is not the rock we can climb and these blues are not the same that we see in the water, but it still generates waves. 

Scars on the head and body indicate use and abuse. It has been on tours. 

A wooden rowboat holds the same resonance when turned upside down. Knock knock knock. You can feel it. You can see it shine. You can feel it move.

Pull back the string and let it go like a slingshot, immense tension, so a powerful sustaining hum fills the room’s ears and demands attention. Positive and negative. Awe and envy. Chaos and hypnosis.

Its neck is warped but we freely explore the noise anyway, ignoring the buzz of the nickel. It won’t stop soon because no one really cares except the fools. Foolish to some but bright nonetheless. 

Its life will end smashed to crumbs and frustrated broken pieces. Get an electric. 

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