Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

I Can’t

I can’t set myself free or find the key

I can’t escape my hypocrisy

I can’t understand our history

I can’t satisfy my curiosity

I can’t know my life expectancy

I can’t accept my destiny

I can’t see my own divinity

I can’t believe the prophecy

I can’t worship a deity

I can’t face mortality

I can’t handle hostility

I can’t toughen up, I’m cowardly

I can’t avoid this melancholy

I can’t grow from the calamity

I can’t maintain my faith in humanity

I can’t see past the depravity

I can’t help but feel like this is all temporary

I can’t shake this uncertainty

I can’t be safe, even in tranquility

I can’t ignore my sense of urgency

I can’t deny the asymmetry

I can’t be soothed, it’s my anxiety

I can’t comprehend my psychology

I can’t find peace through therapy

I can’t ignore my inadequacy

I can’t forgive my dishonesty

I can’t go through life confidently

I can’t take on more responsibility

I can’t communicate properly

I can’t get past my deformity

I can’t succeed in this economy

I can’t raise a family comfortably

“Just get a master’s degree”

I’ll have to sell my kidney

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