Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

A Porcupine’s Dream

The porcupine must find a bed

A quiet place to rest his head

The forest fire scorched his shed

A hollow log will do instead

The porcupine once full of glee,

Has even lost his family

He is a tired refugee

Exhausted, he becomes drowsy

Sleeping provides him with a way

To break free from a world of grey

The porcupine had a bad day

But in his dreams he flies away

Life no longer seems so dire

He sees a world that’s free of fire

A world with no pain nor desire

A world where no one must expire

He finds his loved ones while he’s here

His family weeps and gathers near

He speaks with those he holds so dear

The porcupine now sheds a tear

Thunder booms which makes the log shake

The porcupine shudders awake

His little heart begins to ache

He realizes his dream was fake

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