Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

My Greatest Enemy

Last night, I slept with the door open.

My room has no ventilation.

It’s hard to get comfotable.

I was tossing and turning.

Though my body grew tired,

My mind was excited.

I couldn’t turn my thoughts off.

I wanted my brain to be quiet.

My brain does not behave.

It doesn’t rest.

Thoughts and memories flow

Like whitewater rapids.

When my room is quiet, my thoughts are loud.

It grows louder every night.

They are usually loud enough to keep me awake.

Sometimes I can fall asleep despite the noise.

I breathe deeply until it all goes dark,

But my mind stays bright.

It finds a way to stay active in my sleep.

My brain keeps moving in my dreams.

I hate it.

It is my greatest enemy.

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