Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

JD Nuclear

Under the lamppost of construction

A new age dream, new age of production

It’s more than it seems

Fighting for the dream but you know you’re on the wrong team

It’s an industry

An industry of sharp axes working on a tight axis under anaphylaxis

It confuses me

The jury has decided that… Who cares? It’s all news to me

In the 21st century, we do things differently

The space ship has landed. It’s origin a mystery

America, do you copy, are you used to me?

All the youth dead? Cruelty! Can’t you see?

I wake up every morning with no memory of the night before

My childhood friends don’t like me anymore

Shockwaves from bombardment shake me to the core

Too loud to ignore

But I’m protected by the man behind the suicide doors

This world is yours to explore

Go out and impress some more while the rest of us stay poor

You can’t trust your god anymore

He made a new drug you can buy at the store

It turns off your thoughts. You should pop three or four.

I’ve seen shit I can’t explain

The type of shit that would make someone send a bullet through my brain

Some grow from age while the rest grow from pain

The world that we’ve developed is too fucked to maintain

It’s such a shame

Try to bend the rules but we still play the game

I can’t help but complain in vain

It’s all the same

It’s all the fucking same

Bits of my consciousness spiral out of control

I drive past the gate so I never pay the toll

No one mentioned the hole in the bottom of my bowl that leaks out drops of my soul

Some of these motherfuckers never learned how to roll

Some of these motherfuckers still burn coal

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