Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

Brighter Surface

As youth, we were once brighter than the sun

We shed light everywhere we went and compared to now, every day was so much fun

Somewhere along the way, that light slowly started to dim

Some were snuffed out by death, others by fear of “sin”

Many of us kids grew up and went to a place,

Where people conflict over things like gender, creed, and race

Far too often, I get caught up in all that hate

It’s easy to accept the darkness of this world as our fate

But we have to be strong, don’t let the cold wind blow out the torch

We should build our bonfires, and all those dead branches can be scorched

But some of us feel as though we don’t have enough light to share

Maybe some of us feel like if we tried, no one would care

In reality, we don’t have to be brighter than the sun, or even a flashlight

The truth about it is, we can try, but none of us get it right

So for all of those people seeking purpose,

Just a single candle helps give the world a brighter surface

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