Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

Without her resilience, Earth would become a world of absolute pain.

We are all little plants in a garden which only she can maintain.

Maybe she’s a bright angel, sent from above, to love the human race.

And if the spaceship’s glass begins to crack, she can breathe in outer space.

Well, she endured the apocalypse because she knew the end was near.

And if she loathes all the boys at school, they’ll slowly start to disappear.

And if this great tower comes crashing down, we’re safe within her circle.

And when life sends her a challenge, she knows it’s just another hurdle.

If all of the bad luck gravitates towards her, I know she’d still win.

And if the fuel suddenly combusts, it will not even burn her skin.

And if the earth begins to quake, she will have already foreseen this.

And if they bury her in ashes, they’ll just have to watch her phoenix.

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