Contemporary Revelations

by Kaden Washburn

If God so loved the world,

We wouldn’t need to be purified by fire or flood.

If God is just a literary figure,

He’s the ultimate antagonist, the source of all conflict in the human story.

If God is the father,

He’s an angry, deadbeat dad who hasn’t talked to his kids in a quite a while.

If God has a big house in the sky,

He barricaded himself in the damn basement a long time ago and he’s not planning on coming out any time soon.

If God is alive,

He’s growing old, his end is near, and he has yet to repent for his transgressions.

If God is in hiding,

He needs to surrender or his children will break through his barricade and drag him down to the same Hell he created.

If God was ever even there…

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